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Founded in 2009, Nala Swiss is a pioneer, Africa-focused exhibition and management firm that connects international luxury brands, private banks and philantropic organizations with UHNWI (ultra high net-worth individuals), family offices and luxury consumers through private events, pop-up exhibitions and experiences. 

Nala Private, our private network of high & ultra high net-worth individuals (UHNWI) provides insightful data and analytics about their spending patterns, consumer behaviors, priorities and interests. Based on that knowledge we create private consumer platforms and meaningful experiences while connecting the right brands and organizations with the right UHNW target group.

In what has become a multibillion-dollar business, Nala Swiss is a leader in luxury marketing, management and research. Our work focuses on visible and measurable results with the aim of creating long-term sustainability through tailored solutions designed to adapt to market evolution and to succeed in the most dynamic growth regions with a special focus on Africa.



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Nala Exhibitions creates private pop-up exhibitions in Africa, connecting a carefully curated range of niche luxury brands and premium serivces for a hand-picked audience of discerning UHNW guests from our private network Nala Privée. All exhibitions take place in secret locations and are strictly by invitation only and press-free.


We help luxury brands and private banks to connect with their target group through experiential and meaningful B2C functions and platforms and deliver on a wide variety of goals - thought leadership, V.I.P. client treatment, introductions to UHNWI, experiential product demo or showcase, content generation or other objectives. Our focus is to strategically position luxury brands and private banks with an influential and interested target audience and to generate credibility among the most dynamic individuals and families.


Our tailored trunk shows give our clients access to Africa’s untapped growth markets and its emerging high and ultra-high net-worth individuals and aspiring luxury consumers. We provide access to the new frontier in luxury distribution and build lasting relationships with local partner and end consumers. Our B2C network and B2B focus groups provide attractive business opportunities and valuable insights and help our clients to sustainably succeed in Africa’s emerging luxury & wealth markets.


Nala Swiss Advisory offers Africa-focused advisory and implementation services to international luxury brands, private banks and premium service providers interested, investing or operating in Africa. We tailor bespoke strategies to sustainably position premium brands within their target audience and help to demystify and understand the unconsolidated and fragmented sub-Saharan wealth and luxury market, its risks, opportunities and specific requirements of its emerging affluent populations.


We provide tailored, research-led business intelligence and focus on Africa’s most dynamic growth regions. With some of the industry’s most experienced analysts conducting on-the-ground research, Nala Swiss provides its clients with the business intelligence they need to stay ahead in Africa. Nala Swiss Advisory has access to the most accurate statistics and independent analysis available, assisting clients in making fundamental long-term investment decisions in and about Africa where access to knowledge is power.


Our private network of high net-worth individuals (HNWI) & ultra high net-worth individuals (UHNWI) provides insightful data and analytics about their spending patterns, consumer behaviors and priorities. Based on that knowledge we connect the right target group with the right premium brands and service providers. Our network has been developed over many years by our Nala Swiss team and through our brand ambassadors in each country. Our network has depth and comprises individuals who know us well, trust our work and have enthusiasm for our experiential platforms, events and recommendations.


We create local B2B focus groups, specifically designed for our corporate clients in the luxury and wealth sector. Our clients benefit from valuable insights given by local experts in their fields (mainly Africans). Our tailored focus groups help to demystify and understand socio-economic realities, specific market conditions, requirements, obstacles and consumption patterns of the local target groups.


We design tailored educational platforms to highlight the priorities and consumption patterns of locally based high & ultra-high net-worth consumers from Africa. Together with our clients we define the best ways of meeting their objectives and ensure that the training is relevant and cost effective. Potential components include panel discussions or direct Q&A sessions with local HNW consumers.


A twelve-month induction course for firms interested, investing or operating in Africa. The course consists of modules in history, politics, security, economy and doing business in Africa, stakeholder engagement, society and culture. The course includes lectures given by experts in their fields (primarily African), providing a high-level Africa overview of the above topics and are given on-site at the head or international offices of the multinationals; lunches with senior executives who have experience of doing business in countries in Africa or ambassadors from specific countries; a five-day, in-country immersion course in three countries per year for each client, which looks at the topics in detail for each country visited.




HNWI: High net-worth individual with a minimum net-worth of 1 million US$ investable assets (without primary residence)
UHNWI: Ultra high net-worth individual with a minimum net-worth of 30 million US$ investable assets (without primary residence)
HENRY: High earner but not rich yet with an annual minimum income of 250.000 US$



Africa is the next frontier in luxury distribution with an estimated market size of US$ 295 billion by 2020. Growing economies adding wealth and prosperity, a discerning clientele enjoying finest products and services and an open, hospitable atmosphere create a great opportunity for the world’s most prestigious luxury brands and financial service providers. Sub-Saharan Africa has the fastest growing market of high net-worth individuals (HNWI) in the entire world: Over 177.000 millionaires call Africa their home. This compares to 95.000 in Russia. Their investable assets total USD 1.3 trillion. Six out of ten African millionaires generated their wealth in the last six years and this growth is expected to accelerate - Africa’s HNWI population will expand by 65% until 2020. We therefore focus on the following growth markets of the sub-Saharan region: South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, D.R.C., Angola, Mozambique, Mauritius, Seychelles, Botswana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Ghana and Zimbabwe.


We recognize that Africa presents unique opportunities and challenges for the luxury and wealth sector which demands distinctive intelligence and a robust network. Our commitment to focusing on and working in Africa enables us to cultivate and deliver the insights, networks, and expertise required to help our clients expand their vision of possibilities on the continent and achieve their desired impact.

Our ultimate aim is to build the most powerful and influential private network of UHNWI (ultra high net-worth individuals), to change Africa’s perception and contribute to its development by enabling the clients we work with to achieve transformational and sustainable growth and to foster intra-continental synergies through our pan-African B2B & UHNWI networks.





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